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well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, september 30th. we begin with a major traffic problem on highway 37. let's get right to sal. >> just watching the chp update this on their computer. you can see the traffic is going to be a little bit slow on 37 approaching this crash. it was a dramatic crash early this morning. a truck lost its load on highway 37 as you get up towards the vallejo area. let's go live to ktvu reporter, claudine wong, who is there at the scene, and she has this update. >> reporter: good morning. they've been making a lot of progress. the crews just left after cleaning up what was left of the cable and they really hoped to open up this left lane just in the last couple of minutes. but there was another problem. if you look past the orange
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truck, you can see the big rig -- the truck there. that's one of the trucks involved this this accident after another truck lost its load. they are gonna need to do special things until they can pull that out of the way, until they can pull that out of the way, this left lane won't be opening. we're hearing frightening stories. the white truck was carrying a trailer. that trailer had heavy metal cable on it. the driver told the chp, he felt the load or the trailer at least start to shift and that cable went flying into the roadway blocking two lanes of traffic. a big rig was the first to come upon that, rolled over it, actually busted open his tire. he was sliding in the center divide. right behind him, three more cars hit the cable. we talked to one gentleman who said his car slipped and he
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described the terrifying moment. >> i seen two big rigs. their lights were flashing. i -- little did i know, -- it was like a big blob of wire. >> you were wearing your seat belt? >> yes. >> he had had complaints to his elbow. that's about it. fire and medics checked him out. there were no visible injuries. >> reporter: back live out here on highway 37 west, as you come from vallejo, towards napa/marin, you can see that the -- the effects of this accident really backing up traffic along here. the amazing thing in all of this was nobody was hurt. minor injuries. obviously there was a lot of damage to vehicles. we come back down the road. we were talking about that big rig, that truck that sustained a lot of damage to one of its tires as it rolled down the --
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there is a wrecker there. you can see the yellow lights. they said this is a little bit more complicated to get that out of the way. they had had to get the cable out of the roadway. they had to cut it up in tiny pieces because it was so heavy. they made quick work of that. it may be another half an hour before they can get that big rig out of the way. they won't open up the roadway until they do that. if you are coming down here, be aware. it's very, very slow and it will take you long he than unusual. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. in other news, san jose police have now released surveillance photos of two terrifying attacks at an atm. ktvu's jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: good morning. two armed robberies took place at this chase location. this morning we noticed you didn't have to swipe a card to get inside. but san jose police say they do
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have surveillance pictures taken inside this atm vestibule of a man they say is responsible for two attacks. san jose police want you to look at these pictures taken from two different armed robberies because they believe the same man robbed the women. one attack took place saturday, august 28th, around 6:40 a.m. the robber had a knife and placed his arm around the victim's neck while demanding money. he then ran away in a direction the woman did not see. the second armed robbery took place earlier this month on september 2nd. that robbery happened after midnight. the robber knocked the victim down to the ground and ran away. this victim did not see a weapon, but he wrapped his arm around her neck and demanded money. we spoke to one man -- >> every time i drive out of here, i check my surroundings.
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unless i see a car -- i want to make sure there's no car stalking me or anything. >> reporter: both robberies took place at the chase bank atm vestibule located on the capital expressway. police have a vague description of the man. he's african-american between 5'10" and 6-foot. he was wearing a black hoodie and black shoes. he may have had a dread -- have had dreadlocks. back to you. >> thank you, jade. 7:06. the los gatos mother is in jail this morning. she's accused of having sex with a minor. 47-year-old sara cold -- cold
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faces three counts of having sex with a minor after surrendering to authorities. investigators will have more on this alleged sex crime case later today. california has officially called off tonight's execution at san quentin. convicted killer albert greenwood brown was scheduled to die at 9:00 p.m. but yesterday the state decided the flurry of court challenges made it impossible to carry out his death sentence before tomorrow. that's when california runs out of his supply of the legal drugs. this will had give him a reprieve for at least one another, when the state will have a governor and new attorney general. prosecutors have charged a fifth person as posing as a victim of the san bruno.
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this man claims he was a victim and he pleaded not guilty in court on tuesday. >> these are live pictures right now of that scene. you can see the sun is coming up, still some police cars and some tents out there and still an awful lot of debris that can be seen at this location. there are still concerns that toxins from the debris can create a blic health problem, eight people were killed in the pipeline disaster four weeks ago. 7:08. we've had a major commute problem this morning but sal there's some progress, right? >> yeah, progress being made in vallejo. you've been hearing about it all morning long since our claudine wong has been there. that's heading to marin.
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the left lane is closed because of metal debris. it looks like they did a good job towing it. they have to tow that truck out of there and will be able to open that left lane. it's very slow funneling down to one lane. here's steve.
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good morning. look at this. the fog is back. i know some of you like the heat. i realize that but again, about -- all of the e-mails and tweets about the weather. it's back. mainly santa clara valley, monterey peninsula. not so much the north bay. i don't think we'll ate get any high-based showers out of this. there have been a few lightning strikes. headline is from hot to cooler. you just saw it. there will be sunshine coming in later. any time you get these higher clouds, not as hot as
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yesterday. 60s by the coast. 54 in san francisco. our high will be 67. two days ago they were 92. two days ago. some fog, then much cooler. walnut creek will still be warm. it was 100. it was 100 yesterday. we'll go 88. walnut creek after a low of 60. still kind of low. before this heads out to the pacific, it will send in sun. more sun to the north bay but there's also fog forming right along the marin sonoma county line. fog will be on the increase.
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higher clouds will thin out and we'll have clouds and a cooler pattern by the weekend. a hollywood legend, tony curtis has died, at his home near las vegas. tony curtis 'real name was bernie schwartz. he played in "some like it hot" with marilyn monroe. he was nominated for an academy award one time for the movie the defiant ones. he was married five times, had six children, including actress and author jamie lee curtis. he died of a heart attack. he was 85. >> i will always remember him in "some like it." one of my favorite movies. >> it is. did meg whitman know her housekeeper was in the country illegally? the evidence gloria alfred she said she will produce today. and a astounding discovery
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by scientists, including one from northern california. it involves a planet that may be able to support life.
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whitman's former housekeeper, nicky diaz, held a news conference yesterday with gloria allred by her said. diaz says meg whitman fired her last july when she asked whitman for help to to get an immigration attorney because she was in this country illegally. >> until she decided to run for governor in 2009, it appears miss whitman had no problem or concern about employing an undocumented. apparently, she knew -- >> now, as we listen to gloria allred, meg whitman said she had no idea up to that point that diaz was in this country illegally. >> she represented herself with documents as legal to work in this country. we have no reason to suspect otherwise. none at all. and we were shocked when she came to us in june and said, i'm not here legally.
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you could have hit me over with a feather. >> whitman said she hired diaz from an employment agency. we have more at you'll find all of the latest on this story and all of the latest political news on the 2010 election tab. congress will let a jobs program for low income parents expire today which was part of the federal stimulation plan. an employer could hire low income parents and get reimbursed for up to 100% of their wages. the state estimates jobs were created for 30,000, plus. some of those, less than half, will be ket on at the -- kept on at the employer's expense. mayor gavin newsom works is also running for lieutenant-
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governor, has been supportive of the program which he says has put more than 4,000 san francisco parents back to work. newsom says he will ask the board of supervisors to approve $2.1 million of city funds to subsidize the program and keep it going. the mayor will join us live next hour to talk about this. >> congress is also failing to act on several pieces of key election. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with more on what they did not get done. >> reporter: good morning. barbara boxer and jerry mcnortheasternny -- jerry mcnerney are in pretty tight races. republicans are taking some parting shots, blasting democrats for not extending the votes to extend the cuts. that's not the only unfinished
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business. the funding for the wars in iraq iraq and afghanistan. none of those promised healthy food standards. political analyst nathan gonzalez explains why there is a race out of the capitol. >> you have dozens and dozens who are in very difficult reelections. they think there's more good they can do at home on the campaign trail rather than passing it out in washington. >> last night, lawmakers approved a continuing education, that's essentially a temporary government to keep the government running at least when they come back from the lame duck session in d.c. back to you. >> thank you. 7:19. the san francisco federal judge who recently ruled that california's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional
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now says he is stepping down from the bench. judge vaughn walker has been on the bench for 20 cease. he became chief justice of that court in northern california in 2004. judge walker will be rae placed by this gentleman. walker plans to return to private legal practice. 7:19. a uc santa cruz astronomist is announcing what he says is the discovery of an earth-like planet. he and his co discoverer -- co- discoverer call it a planet that's like goldilocks, not too hot, not too cold, but just right. they say it sits close to the stars so it's likely there is water. but they say it's about three times the massive earth meaning any visitor could feel a lit heavy. as for getting there, we could get there in about 220 years. i think it's about 20 light
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years away which is relatively close. i heard the scientists say they found this one so quickly, there is problem a lot more out there. >> 7:20. crews are busy this morning. they are still at the scene of an overnight fire in downtown sacramento. and a little piece of california history went up in flames in this. and the new push to rehire oakland police officers. why one group says there's money. westbound 37, still has the fast lane closed heading up to the napa/sonoma boulevard exit. i will tell you more about what happened and when it is likely to open -- coming up.
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7:23. oakland will reportedly not rehire police officers even though there's room in the budget. "the tribune "reports the department has lost 14 officers through attrition since july. they want to -- the city wants them to rehire but they say also it's not a good idea because more ballot measures could cause. if you cause a crash in san
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francisco, the city will soon be sending you a bill. a controversial bill for people who cause car accidents will take effect in about two weeks. drivers will be required to pay the city as much as $500 to clean up the scene. san francisco will be the first major city to charge such a fee. sal, you haven't had a break all morning long. a lot is happening out there. >> that's right. at this time it's when we start getting to the peak of the commute at the bay bridge. here comes our pile driver friend, just about 7:30 as they do that construction work at the toll plaza parking lot. behind that, you can see the traffic is backed up from about the macarthur maze west, about a 25-minute delay before making it on the ground. san jose traffic is getting busy on 280 northbound. it stays that way. 280, 85 and 101, slow traffic getting into the valley.
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but i think the slowest traffic is westbound 580. we had an earlier crash in pleasanton. that's gone. the traffic coming through the alta plant pass -- ailty plant pass, very busy. here's steve. no doubt about it. the fog is back. today the fog is about 1,000 feet. 53 in it san francisco. it's going up and down the coast. it still runs into a little bit of resistance. i think by tomorrow -- look at this. remember, a couple of days ago, southern california is sitting tear with blistering heat. now there have been some reports of some rain. there have been a few lightning strikes associated with a tropical system moving into southern california. some of that may play into the slay valley maybe east bay. thick fog. yes, it will still be warm. it will not be as hot inland even though we'll still have
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90s. those higher clouds giving way to low clouds. the combination of those two making it cooler. 67 in the city. oakland at 72. 49, santa rosa. 49 there. the low is right off southern california. it's getting closer. so thick fog, especially for the south bay and santa clara later on today. we'll have on the five-day, fog, sun, fair. a heartless theft in vallejo has impacted thousands of students. how the suspect got away with more than just the car. >> reporter: it's the largest toy recall. they are still selling a couple of models from the shelves.
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we've been monitoring the major traffic mess on highway 37. crews are making good progress as they work to clean up cable that spilled on the westbound lanes in vallejo overnight. claudine wong is at the scene and joins us, once again, for anian date. >> reporter: they were hoping to have the left lane open by now, but they haven't been able to do that because they are
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still waiting for the truck to be towed away up there. it looks like they are making progress up there. there's quite a bit of damage to that truck. in front of us, you can see what's left of the cleanup process, really caltrans comes through here and will do last- minute cleanups and they should be ready to go. this was really a remarkable scene out here. at 3:45 this morning, this truck carrying a trailer, was driving down 37 just before the 29 exit. the driver told the chp, he felt his trailer start to shift. the cable really kept coming off the trailer very quickly filled the road up. the big rig saw it. he hit it. it slides into the middle
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dividers -- divider. right behind him you had though other cars that hit that cable, the one who we talked to actually hit that cable and then his car flipped over. now, fortunately, and everything else involved in this were all okay. there were no injuries but he describes some pretty terrifying moments. >> i see two big rigs, their lights are flashing. i was looking ahead to see what was happening. i already hit the -- whatever it was, it was like a big block of wire. >> luckily, he came out uninjure uninjured. i think he had had complaints to his elbow. that was about it. fire and medics checked him out. there were no visible injuries. >> reporter: back out here live on highway 237, you can see the aftermath of this crash in terms of traffic. they did have all lanes shut down when they moved the cable
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from the roadway and they've had one lane open for the past couple of hours as they try to move traffic through here. things are moving very slowly. 37 goes to 29 and then that goes out to marin county, out towards novato. as you can see caltrans crews are coming up and they are about to be doing the -- to do the cleanup and they have to get that big rig out of the way. there's some heavy damage to that big rig. so that's going to keep them --ing if to take them a little bit of time. as we've seen in the past, some sometimes -- sometimes tike longer than expected. certainly there there is a backup. if you are coming in this sex, you had want to give yourself extra time. >> the chp is looking for
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witnesses to a horrible highway crash in marin county. it a hast night on southbound 101 near sausalito. investigators say a woman was driving an suv with it somehow flipped over on the freeway. she was thrown from the vehicle. the unidentified woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the largest toy recall of the year was announced by fisher-price. more than 10 million fisher- price products are being -- are being recalled. coverage debro has more. >> reporter: good morning. fisher-price is the manufacturer. how far, it is owned by mattel. so a lot of the information you are getting had had be coupling from toymaker, mattel. we're at walmart. they have some of the items on
7:35 am
store. this just came out this morning from fisher-price and mattel. i called walmart. no comment, this morning. take a look at some of the trikes on the list. there's litter will about 10 or 15 of them. there is a barbie model. there is a door model. there is a cow wa sackky -- cow wa sockky -- kawasaki model. there's one problem that has to do with key. one key is jagged, the other is sort of like a d. toesthose two have involved some injuries,
7:36 am
actual jebel bleeding when children actually accidentally sit on these toys. there is a lot of toys out there. 10million. 14 reported injuries so far. but mattel has entered into a voluntary commission. let's take a look at what we're looking at. there are 10 million toys on this recalled list. 7million fisher-price trikes and tough trikes cycles, and -- try sickles and in terms of the high chairs, what we've learned from fisher-price and from mattel is sometimes oop the back of the chair, the projectiles sticking up, kids can sometimes fall on them if the highchair happens to be
7:37 am
near be. this recall notice just came out this morning. the other thing i saw there are other toys similar to what i'm looking at on the list. they have the simulation, some the button-press cars. like the bmws. they have toys you can buy that have the ignition key. we're also trying to find out what you do if you have one of these products already. i have checked websites and he can't find out what to do if you already have these toys and if you want to bring it back and get a credit or another toy, we'll followup on this and bring you more in the next hour. back to you.
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>> thank you. 7:37. firefighters say a cigarette that was tossed away is to blame for an overnight fire. it damaged a small apartment building. the fire started around 3:00 a.m. on president's drive between castro valley and flames spread from the back deck -- from the back deck. firefighters say the person responsible for the fire will not be cited. vallejo police are searching for a thief who stole a carrier van filled with money belonging to students. this happened on tuesday afternoon on daniels avenue. investigators say the suspect got away with $21,000 in cash, including lunch money and student body accounts at vallejo schools. that man is described only as an unmarked minivan. we want to check in, once again, with sal works has been quite busy. you're gonna start in the san
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jose -- in the south bay, san jose. that's right. 280 will be cloe this morning. good morning -- slow this morning. good morning. northbound 280 over there, this is becoming a regular occurrence. at first i wa outraged and then i rail identified most of these people are going to work. there is a crash at bro co road. if you are driving on the peninsula, 101 is busy from bur ling game to san mateo. westbound 580 coming in because of an earlier accident in pleasanton, very, very slow from the altamont pass. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is going to be slow. 15 to 20 minutes. there they go, driving that pile again. here's steve. >> all righty, sal. thank you.
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the fog is break. there are some breaks in it. it's up and down the coast. i was just rooking at it. yesterday temperatures in san francisco range from 54 to 70. from the sunset district all the way to. embarcadero, the temperatures are her. everything -- are higher. a little low right off santa barbara. just kind of spinning in some clouds. so the fog returns. fair. by that i mean those higher clouds will come in. we'll have sun. but the sea breeze is in. there's already a southwest wind out at travis. that's a sign along with sfo's west wind that the sea breeze is there. had had a tweet from hayward. it feels cooler today. it will. 50s, 60s, 70s. low 80s inland. >> we'll go 67 in the city.
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two days ago it was 92. so the fog is back and temperatures are running in the 50s. now, walnut creek was 100. 68. we'll go 88 today. i think some of the sea breeze and higher clouds will come in. the lows are about 10 degrees cooler than they were a few days ago. 8 up in tahoe. 37 in truckee.. right there, kind of meandering there along the coast. thick fog, coast and bay and then high clouds after the sun. mostly sunny, turning partly cloudy later on. 60s, to 70s, 80s. the trend is to take those temperatures down. we'll continue to do that. the fog had win out. >> stocks are up it morning off
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some better than expected news on unemployment. -- sox are up this morning after some better-than-expected news on unemployment.
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stocks are ending september with some more gains after a number of new reports, including word that gross domestic product topped expectations. also good news on unemployment claims. right now the dow is currently up 54, at 10,890. nasdaq is up 12.
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s&p is up 7. the labor department had had better than expected news this morning. 453,000 people filed for first- time jobless benefits. that's down 16,000 from the previous week. that's better than economists had expected and puts the number where it was at the beginning of the year. the number of americans collecting unemployment is now at 446 million. that's down 83,000 from the week before. people who are looking for work can go to a job fair in oakland today. the event is being held at the alameda conference center on 12th street. the doors open at 10:00 this morning. it all wraps up at:00 this afternoon. participating employers include merrill lynch, target, wells fargo. job seekers are encouraged to bring their resume. mcdonald's and federal health officials are denying a report that mcdonald's plans to
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cut health insurance for almost 30,000 employees. now "the walt journal" reported that mcdonald's might cut insurance for hourly employees unless the restaurant was given a waiver on the healthcare reform requirements. mcdonald's exec is say they are committed to giving their employees competitive pay and benefits. j.p. morgan will suspend some foreclosure proceedings while it investigates some cases. they say some employees may have signed some documents about who owns the personal note without verifying the file. gmac mortgage took similar action last week. this morning, a american international group, or a.i.g., has a new plan to repay their debt to taxpayers.
7:47 am
they say they will repay the $20 billion loan by spring of next year. it will also retire $49 billion received under the troubled asset relief program, or t.a.r.p., by giving aig common stock it can sell later. until now, a.i.g. was repaying as it sold off assets but there was no definitive lime tine. federal prosecutors releesed a -- released a video. this shows what might have happened in may, if that car in times square might have exploded. that test used the same materials that 30-year-old faisal shahzad used in his failed bombing attack. he's been arrested and could be sentenced next week. he said he wanted to join his
7:48 am
jihad brothers -- his brothers in jihad, ever since the september 11 took. a secret sex video apparently caused a rutgers university freshmen to take his even life. tyler clemente's family said he jumped off a bridge after learning that a tape surfaced of him having sex with another man. if convicted, both men involved face five years in prison. a memorial service had be held tomorrow for the 13-year- old tehachapi boy who took his life. seth walsh died on tuesday, nine days after investigators say he hanged himself from the tree. >> police interviewed several students who allegedly pulleyed the boy but concluded no crime
7:49 am
was committed. several new safety rules are spelled out when responding to a student athlete who suffered a concussion or other serious injury. the rules include several medical exams and longer waiting periods before an injured athlete is allowed to play again. governor schwarzenegger signed two bills that will make it easier for community colleges to transfer to the universities. the new laws streamline the process for the students who earn associates at community colleges. the way it is now, course requirements vary and they can change which makes it hard to transfer to the universities. the sponsors of the bill day the new rules should make it a lot easier for students to get their bachelor's degrees. a grant is headed to an oakland of based carter.
7:50 am
the obama administration is issuing the grant to help aspire schools to help open 15 new schools. the non-profit operates 30 schools. a bay area program to help teenagers get into college is now operating out of a facility in oakland. the new facility is in the carpenter's howl union in jack london square. last night, they held a grand opening. the program teaches students how to get accepted into a four- year university. well, how much is too much when it comes to safety? we'll tell you more about the expensive technology that may be required in some bay area homes and why some say it's a small price to pay. early-morning inspectors are handing out citations to property owners and merchants
7:51 am
regarding street cleaning.
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7:53 am
there's a federal investigation into a devastating bus crash where several parents and their children plunged after a day of sight-seeing. the driver was killed. more than a dozen passengers were hurt. eight minutes before 8:00. the owner of an indoor party center for young children in vallejo could face a citation after a shooting. police say a 19-year-old oakland man and 23-year-old pittsburgh p pittsburg man -- were wounded after a fight at the happy frog. the toner says he was duped into thinking the event would be an 18th birthday party. the 6-year-old girl who was injured by gunfire in her
7:54 am
bedroom could be released from the hospital. police say at least two gunmen opened fire on her family's home on tuesday. family members believe the girl's older brother was the intended target. a reward in this case has grown to $10,000. 7:53. palo alto fire -- fire officials want to stamp out -- stomp out fires by using new smoke detectors. the fire department wants it mandatory for new homes and models to come with a new type of smoke detectors. they say this can save lives. >> if everybody in the country would install these in their homes and keep the batteries in them. we would probably save about $1,000 -- 1,000 lives a year. >> now, photo electric alarms cost more, about $15, compared to $10 for the other alarms. they say the developers have
7:55 am
been hesitant to install them because it does cost more. >> the city council is expected to consider this proposal in november. in san francisco, early- morning informations are now part of a program to clean up busy streets. inspectors are sweeping through some of the busiest corridors from 4:00 to 6:00 a.m. taking notes and handing out warnings. they looking for things like graffiti, litter and tree maintenance problems. they are also alerting property own -- property owners and merchants about the issues they need to take care of. 7:55. sal, you've got a lot of things to talk about in our commute. >> that's right. it's gonna be heavy. i want to show you westbound 37. everyone's trying to get into that right lane because the fast lane is still closed on 37, just about before 29, sonoma boulevard. that means if you are um
7:56 am
canning away from interstate 80, heading out to marin, it will be a big traffic jam beginning at the fairgrounds and sonoma boulevard. the westbound bay bridge, still slow, about a 15 to 20-minute wait. if you are driving on westbound highway 24, that traffic is slow, heading to concord. 7:55. let's go to steve. >> thank you. for those of you who have been tweeting or e-mailing saying where is the fog? it will be cooler. the only reason i'll showing you this is because travis, fairfield, 213, that's a sea breeze. it was calm north to. so it's changed. for those of you screaming for beach weather, you your three days. it's over now. water temperature, 55, mostly cloudy, highs upper 50s, low
7:57 am
60s. north -- it had be cold and foggy. the higher clouds associated may spin into the south bay. a little low off southern california. even a few election strikes in southern california. the clouds will. thick fog, sunny. 60s, 70s, 80s and low 90s today. cooler weather on friday much cooler. san jose police want your help in tracking down a dangerous fugitive -- trafficking down a dangerous fugitive. ktvu has obtained dangerous photos. her accident made headlines three years ago. now the bay area mother is accused of a crime involving children. and the state wants to make sure that using fastrack does not take a toll on your privacy.
7:58 am
our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
7:59 am
>> good morning. two armed robberies are being linked together by the san jose police. we have more on this coming up. >> a massive recall by the
8:00 am
biggest name in toys. a truck loses its load, and part of the freeway has been shut down for hours, and you are going to hear from a man's who suv flipped. >> the second hour of our news starts now. >> the complete bay area coverage starts now. >> good morning, and welcome back. >> good morning. it's thursday september 30th. the police want your help, and they are trying to track down a man who robbed two women at knife point, there are surveillance photos of the attacks. jane? >> >> the san jose police are linking two armed robberies. we were checking this morning,
8:01 am
and we could tell that you didn't have to use anything to swipe the card to get inside. but this morning, the san jose police have pictures of a man who is responsible for both robberies. the san jose wants you to look at the pictures of the same arm robberies. the robber had a knife, placed the arm around the victim's neck and demanded money, and then ran away and the woman couldn't see. on thursday september 2nd, a robbery happened after midnight to another woman. in this attack, the woman didn't see a weapon, but he again, wrapped his arm around the indicate and demanded money. we talked about dozens who
8:02 am
voized their -- voiced their opinion about the robberies. some of them chos not to be -- chose not to be on camera. >> i always take precaution every time i come here. >> both robberies took place at the chase bank located at 1705 east capital expressway. it's in a shopping center and across from a gym. he is african american, 5'10"-6'." he may have a mustache and dread locks. >> >> reporting live, k tv u
8:03 am
news. >> you can take a closer look at the surveillance pictures on the channel website. click on the bay area news tab. >> 8:02. we want to update you in the efforts of clearing the lands of a serious overnight accident that caused a number of problems and close calls for the drivers. we have our reporter on the scene, claudia? >> >> take a look behind me, you can see cal-trans that is doing the final clean up on the shoulder here. beyond the vehicle, -- ca cal-trans vehicle, that is showing our biggest problem. they are still waiting for
8:04 am
another tow truck to come and take away the truck and one for the trailer. we are monitoring this situation. it began at 3:45 this morning. the chp said that the truck was care riing a -- carrying a heavy metal cable, and the material went spilling out the roadway. and you can imagine what that was like when it was spilling out them on this -- out before them on the highway. a man saw the big rigs, he couldn't tell what happened. he hit the cable, and the car flipped and he described the terrifying moments. >> i saw two of the big rigs, the lights were flashing, and little did i know i already
8:05 am
hit something, it was a big block of wire. >> were you wearing your seatbelt? >> i was wearing my seatbelt, but i thought i was dead. >> he came out uninjured, he is complaining about some pain to his elbow, but thankfully that is it. >> no visible injuries. >> two other vehicles ended up hitting the cable, but then the roadways were shut down. they had to cut it up in small pieces because it is so heavy. you are looking live at highway 37 with the left lane that has been shut down now for the last couple of hours. this traffic is stretching very, very, very far back as they are trying to find an alternative route. the interchange has gotten very, very slow this morning. again, we are waiting for two things to happen, the clean up to be compted, and the tow truck had to out and
8:06 am
get the big rig towed away. it has taken longer than expected this morning to get the highway back open. the cause for this accident is due to the load not being secured properlily. it has been a long morning, all morning long. back to you. >> 10 million products are being recalled, tricycles highchairs and toys. the tribes can hurt -- trikes can hurt the children who sit on them. also, the highchairs, when set on, they can be hurt. and the valves that can come off of the toys, the 
8:07 am
product -- the valves can come off and choke the child. all of these products are coming from fisher-price. >> sarah cole made headlines three years ago, and police say a drunken driver almost killed her when she was unloading her son's bike out of her car. and yesterday, she sur representedded to the authorities -- surrendered to the police yesterday -- sur representedded to the surrendered to the authority last night for a charge of having sex with a minor. cals will have a --
8:08 am
california will have a new governor and attorney general next year. the sticking point appears to be pension reform, and the governor has always said it was necessary for him to sign off on the budget. today, it is a record 92 days late. the state controller says he will be deciding next week as to whether he will have to issue the ious. a new law is put on the books to protect the privacy of the california drivers with fast-track, and this is prohibiting agencies for sharing driver's personal information. the bill's authority is
8:09 am
democratic joe samittion. >> you don't know. >> you don't want them to know all about your personal business. >> sal knows about the toll and the toll plaza right? >> >> as long as i can get through faster, privacy, who cares. >> [ laughter ]. >> good morning. i'm just kidding everyone. the fast track, the fast track lanes tend to get through a little quicker, and in all seriousness, people say, well, you know, quicker is is better no matter what the privacy concerns are. the commute, being asked by twitter, how is it? it's not that good. it's pretty slow out there.
8:10 am
680 is not doing well. this is a look at the 37, heading over to sonoma boulevard. it is slowed down to one lane to clean up an accident. >> it's cooler today. now, if you are far enough inland, it's not going to be as hot. they are going to give some tropical clouds coming in to california. they are resistant to the north, but they are there. the headline goes from hot to cooler. today it will start to drop off. thick fog, and otherwise, it is clear with some sun and a
8:11 am
few clouds. it's going to be clearer and cooler by the weekend. the fog has returned. fair, warm, sunny, and for a while, 60s by the coast. 70s around the bay, and 80s and 90s inland. the temperatures yesterday were 52 to 70 around san francisco. this morning, it is 52, 53, 54, it doesn't matter where you go this morning. 49 still in santa rosa. and 65 sack 65 cab 65
8:12 am
sacramento. there is rain out on the desert believe it or not. today, 80s and 90s for some, but most likely 80s for much of the area. >> thank you, steve. it's 8:11. did whitman know that her housekeeper was an illegal alien? >> it could be the end of cosmic loneliness, we have a new as tom they are who has -- astronomer who has locate add new planet just around the
8:13 am
corner. >> totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. >> ktvu weather, brought to you by jack in the box. >> awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern.
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> the independent panel that oversees the postal service just rejected the price hike of the 2 class stamps, they wanted to raise the price of 2ยข to 46. last year, they raised it to help deal with the financial service. and the postal service lost $3.8 billion last year. >> gloria says that at noon
8:16 am
today, she will be providing evidence that the housekeeper that worked for meg whitman for 9 years was an illegal immigrant. >> nikki diaz held a news conference. whitman fired her last july when she went to whitman and her attorney -- whitman's attorney. >> whitman insists that she had no idea up until that point that diaz was in the
8:17 am
u.s. illegally. >> she represented herself as documents as legal to work in this country. we had no reason to suspect otherwise. and we were shocked when she came to us in 2009 and said, i am not here legally. >> she was hired through an employment agency, and she provided documents to the agency indicating that she was in the u.s. legally. we have provided the excerpts and the transcripts on ktvu website for more information. >> the state estimates that a program created jobs for 30,000 adults here in
8:18 am
california. some of them, though, less than half will be kept on as the employer's expense. there is a backup plan now that the new program is retiring. he was supportive of this program after it put over 4,000 parents back to work. the mayor of supervisors want $2.4 million of city funds to keep this program going. the mayor will be joining us in a half hour to fill us in on that. >> lawmakers are rushing back home to campaign for the re-election. allison burns is live in the washington news room with more on what they didn't get done before they left town. >> good morning, allison. >> good morning, dave. you know we have a
8:19 am
rainstorm occurring here in the nation's capitol, but that is not stopping the candidates. there is no answer still as far as what will happen to the bush era tax cuts, no bunding to fund the -- -- budget to fund the government, no word on the healthy school lunch standards. >> right now, voters are so skeptical with washington that there is very little that the democrats could pass in the next couple of days to change the outcome of the elections. >> reporting live from washington d.c., allison
8:20 am
burns. >> thank you, allison. >> it is 8:19. nasa can plan for one extra space shuttle mission. there is an approved $1 million budget to the space agency, and they had planned two more launches with the agency. and now with the money, they will be able to add one more to the list. and this will be developed as a booster rocket that is going to be part of a deep space exploration. and this as tom as as ton mist astro
8:21 am
astronomist employees that there is a planet that could provide life. >> amazing. >> still ahead. we have a former child care worker that was arrested and found in the bedroom with a bay area girl. >> good morning, the traffic is going to be busy as you are crossing 8880. we will 8880 -- 880. we will tell you r more, ahead. >> >> ktvu covering the news where you live with more depth and detail and the weather forecast and the conditions from the area where you live.
8:22 am
the warming trend starts today. >> weeknights on ktvu news at 6:00. >> it is a complete bay area coverage. >> in 2008 i quit venture capital to follow my passion for food. i saw a gap in the market for a fresh culinary brand and launched we create and broadcast content and then distribute it across tv, the web, and via mobile. i even use the web to get paid. with acceptpay from american express open, we now invoice advertisers and receive payments digitally. and i get paid on average three weeks faster. booming is never looking for a check in the mail.
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because it's already in my email.
8:24 am
>> it's unclear how much money is involved, and the police say that the investigation will cob include in -- conclude in three weeks. >> if you cause a car crash in san francisco, the city will be sending you a bill. the controversial fee for those who are causing the traffic accidents will be taking effect in two weeks, they will be required
8:25 am
approximately $500 to clean up the crash scene. and california will be the first major city to have an agency clean up the street. >> that's kind of a bummer. first the accident, and then to pay for the clean up. >> first of all, we are going to show, the bay area bridges, westbound bay bridge, pretty slow. but i want to tell you about something, westbound 37, we have slow traffic. and we can pull it back up on the diablo, but this is the traffic on 37. there it is. thank you guys in the control room. westbound 37 heading over to marie, we spill have that --
8:26 am
still have that closed where there is debris, the big rig that was involved, and it has been a huge mess for traffic this morning heading out in that direction. >> it will be cooler today. no, it will be. it really be. what do you mean, boo. the fog has come back, and we have higher clouds. if it continues to move up, it will be sending the clouds more to the east and south bay. i would not be surprised if the clouds doesn't pick up later on. thick fog in the morning, and then later on this afternoon mostly sunny. more sun to the north, and more clouds to the south. there is a few thunderstorms down in southern california.
8:27 am
>> you can see the low spinning off of la, and it is cooling them down big time. thick fog for us, sunny for a while. and it is 80s and 90s inland. the fog is not going to go any where are, it will be -- anywhere, it will be increasing with a density. steve? >> thank you. >> a bay area is suing due to an accident that caused their daughter to have severe damage. >> what you need to do if you have one of these items. this is part of the
8:28 am
fisher-price recall. >>
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> fisher price announced the largest toy recall of the year. they are recalling more than 10 million products. some of the toys are still on shore shelves, right? >> >> yes, i am at the wal-mart, and i spoke with the manager, and he said to call the headquarters in arkansas. >> i asked, what do you do with the toys if you buy them. she said bring them back and
8:31 am
you will get a refund. it wasn't clear as to whether or not the refund would be available for those toys bought long ago, say 6 years ago. look at the toys that are involved in the recall. the name of them are the fisher price trikes and toddler tricycles, and there is a number of them listed up there. it's the ignition key, and a lot of the toys these days, especially when they are a four wheel device, the tricycle, and even a motorcycle. the ignition key could hit a kid, the kid could fall on it.
8:32 am
and the consumer product reviewers, it could cause bleeding. the toys that are involved in the vehicles that don't have the ignition keys, then the risk is reduced, so therefore they will be pushing a button, or things of that nature, and you will not be sitting on the ignition key. there is 10 million keys on the full screen, 7 million tricycles. also, the baby playground
8:33 am
toys, highchairs, and many other toys. this is is a voluntary recall that is in con jux with the product safety -- conjunction with the product safety commission. reporting live in oakland, craig deblo. >> the recall of medicines now by johnson and johnson. this is live pictures of the hearing. now, the ceo admitted a little while ago that his company let the public down, and he accepted full responsibilities. he made a mistake when he did not notify the food and the drug administration when they
8:34 am
pulled the over the counter med son off of -- meds off of the vefls. >> products including tylenol, benadryl, and motrin were pulled off of the shelves for metal and bacterial contamination. the products that are shipped now are made in canada. >> >> it's 8:34. the labor department had better than expected news. 453,000 people filed for benefits, which is down pr the previous week. and that is better than had been expected. and then that puts us where we were at the beginning of the year. and the unemployment is down
8:35 am
to 4.86 million, and that is is down from early last year. >> there is a job fair today starting at 10:00 this morning and ending at 4:00. the job seekers are encouraged to bring their resumes for a free critique by experts. >> a 5th victim is charged with posing as a pipeline victim to get money and disaster aid. stansbury was charged as a victim of the pipeline. it has been one week since
8:36 am
the crews have work started with the san bruno disaster zone. we took the pictures just a couple of hours ago to show you. 8 people were killed on the pipeline disaster 4 weeks ago. >> [ sound of firefighters say that a cigarette is the cause of a fire that started on president drive. and flames spread practice the back -- from the back deck of the unit. the person responsible for the fire will not be cited. an investigation is underway for a downtown fire in sacramento which was owned by the band, tesla.
8:37 am
they had many hits in the mid-80s, including love song. >> a child care worker who worked for the city was arrested after he was found in the bedroom of a 12 year old girls. he was found next to the girl's bed ability 3:00 -- about 3:00 yesterday morning, and she recognized him. and he worked at the child care center at the elementary school when the girl was there a couple of years ago. >> a bell mont is suing the state by the damages damages
8:38 am
-- brain damage that occurred after a tree fell on her. >> two dogs that attacked the san jose mailman may be you thannize -- and the owners will be charged. the man was bitten on his arms, legs, and foot. >> he was going in to shock. he was sweating, shaking and scared. >> the officer say that the pit bull caused trouble in tick, and the own -- 2006, and the owners agreed to keep the dogs confined. >> 87, just near 280 northbound, sounds like a bad one. someone was thrown from a
8:39 am
vehicle. they were driving on the injury crash on 87 northbound near 280. a lot of minor accidents, not injury ones, but they are causing slow traffics. and you can see a lot of slowing along south bay. i want to show you the traffic on 880 northbound. and, of course, at the toll plaza, we are going to see a big backup. it's about a 15 minute wait. steve? >> thank you, sir. we have a little bit of sun, but a lot of fog. it was barely there a couple of days ago. a couple of days ago, you could go on the beach and it was sunny, but now the fog is showing up. s
8:40 am
fo western point, fog the around that area, and that is a sign of cooler temperatures today. we had temperatures up to 107-degrees on the beach, but that is gone for now. the fog is back and the cooler temperatures are here. the water temperatures is 65, and so it is going to be a little chilly there. and as the fog returns, it's back, and everybody is tweeting the station. it's going to be cooler. san francisco, 63. a 49 santa rosa.
8:41 am
80s in southern california, and there is some thunder shower activity among the desert. there is a little bit of original down there. we have thick fog, sunny, and then high clouds roll in. and it is along san jose south to river livermore. and tomorrow, it will be more fog and a cooler pattern in to the weekend. >> >> tony curtis has died near his home in vegas. his real name was bernie shores. some like it hot, and he was
8:42 am
nominated. married 5 times, 6 children, including actors and jamie lee curtis, and he is dead at the aim of 85. >> it's 19 minutes before 9:00. the alleged invasion of privacy may cause one stunt his life student his life. >> >> closed captioning is brought to you by -- ... >> go to for details.
8:43 am
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of rewards and benefits. it's not just a card. it's your canvas. create yours at
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>> it's 8:45 here is some of the top stories. >> san jose please are searching for a suspect who robbed two women at knife point at the chase bank on east capitol expressway. >> a los gatos is being charged with having sex with a minor. announced today is that the postal service cannot
8:46 am
raise the stamps this year. >> a program that is set up to get people back to work begins today. and the governor is providing incentives to the city to keep people working. >> good morning. >> we all know that the job market is a huge success. >> this is part of the federal stimulus program, and what does it mean for the local job market. >> san francisco has the lowest unemployment rate in the state of california. it's lower than any comparable city. the reason why is the job's now program. and we took a sleeper program and it provided the job and wage subsidies directly to the employers that can hire flees,
8:47 am
those who -- employees, those who are not employeed, and have a child under 18. many families have been supported because of this program. this represents 10% of those. so the point, i am making is that this program has not only be successful in terms of creating the jobs and the economic benefits, but it has kept the unemployment rate lower than other similar cities. it's short-sided that the federal government is going to kill this program. what happens to these folks is that they will end up on the inemployment insurance, and that costs more than the direct job subsidies. >> you are obviously adamant about this. so what are you doing? there is a local jobs program. how does that work? >> we are gong to keep fighting to get this extended. at the same time, we are going
8:48 am
to deal with reality. we are going to be redirect the money, i have 1.1- 1.1-$1.3. million why not train one on the job. we are going to keep 1740 slots open of the 1721 slots that are available. let me impress upon you the short sidedness of congress. these folks are going to end up on unemployment insurance, and it is going to cost more. a quarter of a million people are facing losing their jobs tonight. >> thank you. >> joining us this morning on this -- us for more this morning. >> jimmy carter is to be
8:49 am
released this afternoon. the former president was taken to the hospital after arriving in cleveland for a book signing party. and he is expected to resume his book tour, and he turns 86 tomorrow. >> mcdonald's plans of cutting health insurance of over 30,000 employees. they may be cutting the insurance unless they were given a waiver of the health care portion of the plan. government bailout says today, they have reached a deal to pay billions of dollars in the credit crisis. this could be providing a
8:50 am
profitable tax basis for the money spent in 2008. aig is repaying the sold out assets, but there was no definitive time line. >> jp morgan chase is going to expand the closing while it figures out the cases it may be holding the affidavit to stop the foreclosure until the review is continued in the next two weeks. gmac took a similar action. >> a video caused a freshman to take his own life. tyler's valuely said he jump -- family said he jumped
8:51 am
off of the bridge after he found out that a reported two classmates secretly filmed him and provided it online. >> seth walsh nine days ago, he hung himself from a tree. >> we are not talking about a vacation, but classes have been cancelled for the entire south bay school district. >> plus the push to rehire the oakland police officers, and one says there is enough money to do that. >>
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> it's 8:54, there is a federal investigation with this bus crash, after the bus fell 45 feet from the freeway. more than a dozen passengers were injured. federal prosecutors released a video of a -- of an fbi test of what could have
8:55 am
been if the time square occurred. the test used the same materials that the suspect used in his bombing attempt. he could be sentenced to life in prison next week. he wants to -- he wanted to join his brother every since the september 11th attack. >> losing 14 officers through attrition since july, and the city wants them to rehire those who were lost, but the administrator says that it is not a good idea because more may have to be lost if they don't present a valid ballot.
8:56 am
>> teachers and students are being forced to take the beak off because of ongoing budget problems. the district lost $43 million from the state, and the furlough is expected to cut the budget in nafl by $4 million. a new law streamlined the process of those who learned associate degrees at the community colleges. it could vary now and make it difficult for those students to transfer to the cal-state universities. the new rule states that it should be easier for those students to receive their degrees. >> last night, the senate unanimously passed a bill, and it requires the tv stations
8:57 am
and cable companies that would be providing the industry standards and put a cap on the commercials and equalize the ads and programming. minor differences have to be worked out after the november elections. 8:56, we are learning that that -- emanuel is going to be resigning tomorrow. he is is going to begin his bed as a chicago mayor. >> now, let's go to sal. >> finishing it out for this morning's commute, we are going to have some slow traffic out there. the 680 southbound, it has been a mess. and i think people are going to start using it, actually. it's the 237 traffic slow
8:58 am
heading over to 10, and there is a 10 to 15 minute delay. >> we have the fog out there right now. i realize i am doing this on the fly. there it is, thank you very much, gentlemen. it's going to be cooler today. still warm, but some clouds that are up high in the south bay. and we have a cooling trend for the rest of the weekend. but there is a chance that the warm temperatures could come back by next wednesday. >> really. >> well maybe. >> >> have a great day. >> bye now. >> >>
8:59 am

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